• 546413 - Earring Frame w Tripod 25x20cm (Wood) (1)
  • 546415 - Earring Frame w Tripod 45x35cm (Wood) (1)
  • 546416 - Earring Frame w Tripod 50x40cm (Wood) (1)
  • 546417 - Earring Frame with Tripod 75x45cm (Wood) (1)

Earring Frame With Tripod (Wood)

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Product Description:
The Jewelry organizer made of wood frame, filled with a density sponge cushion in sackcloth, make earrings inserted directly, also can be used to organize necklaces and bracelets etc, keep your jewelry tangle free!

- The jewelry holder with a hook, can be mounted on wall for organizer.
- High quality frame wooden design showcases your jewelry in a stylish way.
- Beautiful addition highly decorative to a bedroom, walk-in closet, bathroom, entryway.
- Save space in your dresser drawer, and keep your all favorite jewelry organized perfectly.
- Can be placed vertically, horizontally, wall mounted flat with the adjustable stand, very portable convenient.
- Come with pearl head pins to creates a visually appealing jewelry display that holds earrings, bracelets, necklaces.

Material: Wood+Sackcloth+Sponge
Jewelry Board Size: 25x20x3.5cm/35x25x3.5cm/45x35x3.5cm/50x40x3.5cm/75x45x3.5cm